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Multi-purpose LED & Halogen Rechargeable Search Lights , Flash Lights


Night Hunter

Night Hunter Led Light

  • The rotating light head provide 2 light output mode options: focused mode and defocused mode  

  • The defocused mode suitable for irradiating close up range and peripheral vision  (You can switch from focused to defocus light output mode just by rotating light head.) 

  • Cree Led Chip can produce brightness up to - 1000 Lumens. 

  • Candle function- it can stand up securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle 

  • Specially designed Lens ; Narrow Beam for longer distances and Flood lights for close distances 

  • Simple to Operate with Single Tail cap

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Product Details
  • LED: Cree Premium LED, Range- approx. 300 mtr. 

  • Reflector: Lens and OP aluminum reflector high temperature processed 

  • Battery: 1 x L 168A Rechargeable battery .Run time up to 6 hours 

  • Waterproof: Splash proof only 

  • Dimension: Bezel diameter 45mm, body diameter 24mm, Overall length 147.5mm 

  • Weight: 184g (without battery) 

  • Operation Temperature: -25℃-60℃,-Input voltage: 3.7-6.0V

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